About Meath County Council

In response to findings that people in Meath have the longest commuting times in the country with over 20% commuting over one hour to get to their jobs daily, Meath County Council created the GoRemote Campaign encouraging commuters to look at how they work. 

For those who are impacted by broadband infrastructure or who cannot work from home, there are several remote working locations in the county available to them. 

The council’s GoRemote campaign featured stories of workers who have transitioned to working remotely from home or from a co-working space in the county. 

Book your space on the Connected Hubs website or learn more about the GoRemote Remote Working Initiative .

Project Information

Solstice Media produced engaging marketing content for the GoRemote Campaign that promoted the benefits and opportunities of swapping the commute for working in one of the remote working hubs in Meath 

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