About Irish Organic Mill

The LEO Monaghan requested specific content for three client case studies, one being Irish Organic Mill. Irish Organic Mill was started by Micheál Rafferty and Mark Gillanders who wanted to mill the organic wheat growing on their farms in county Monaghan.

They hope their flour will replace some of the thousands of tonnes of flour imported into Ireland every year.

They say they do not think their business would have got off the ground without the support of LEO Monaghan. Micheál said, “LEO Monaghan provided us with a range of supports including training, a priming grant and the Food Business management Development programme.”

Project Information

This project was one of three client case studies for the Local Enterprise Office in Monaghan.

The content was used on social media channels, on the website of the LEO and additional versions were prepared for print publication. Each client shared their own experiences of the benefits, and impact, of the supports provided to them by LEO Monaghan.

This was also an opportunity to promote a local business.

You can learn more about this project by visiting the Irish Organic Mill Case Study on the LEO Monaghan website.

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