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Where to start…

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Story telling should be simple, with ‘should’ being the keyword!  

Every project we work on, whatever the business or topic, has a beginning, middle and end, just like any book you read or news report you watch.

This principle helps to focus minds and helps the entrepreneur behind the business to communicate their story. It is a privilege to hear those stories and help to share them. They can be wonderful and are always inspiring.

Starting the conversation about how and why they set up their business frequently serves as a  reminder of how driven and resilient they are.  They tap into their driving force, their conviction, their passion and, when someone talks about something they love, it always shows.

Of course it is not that simple, you have to prepare for the interview, fine tune what your USP is and decide what your CTA should be.  And then, nearly by default, you have your beginning, middle and well maybe not the end, just the current chapter of the story!