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Importance of press releases for business

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You have your photographs, you have your video, now you need your copywriting or press release to accompany them. A press release, well written and clear on message can be used online and offline and reinforce how your business or service can help your clients.

We have many years experience writing for a wide selection of news outlets and now you can access that experience for your own business strategy. Coupled with strong visuals taken by our experienced team, you will have a full package to market your business or service.

If you want to chat more about a press release, or blog, or indeed strong visuals for your website, get in touch.

Copywriting for websites.

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What you write to describe what you do, the service you provide and why people should consider your company or product above anyone else, is a crucial part of your messaging. Copywriting is the use of words to describe what you do and encourage people to check you out.

Copywriting is critical for websites. It is part of your virtual shop window and a key part of content creation. Content creation is what we do at Solstice Media Ltd.

We also do video copywriting so, if you are nervous about what to say on a video or in a press release, we will work with you to fine tune what you want to say and, most importantly, how you want to say it.

We create content that is just for you, that helps to communicate what is unique about you, your products or service. Relevant website content is critical for SEO and for search ranking. Combine that with great photographs and video and your customers will know just who you are and what you do. To discuss how we can help you or